The fourth annual Mike Delaney Memorial Award was given out at Tagwi Secondary School’s graduation ceremonies in Avonmore on June 27, 2013.

The Mike Delaney Memorial Award was created to honour an individual who worked tirelessly to provide for his family, for his business and for his community.  Mike was definitely an unsung hero, having never sought recognition or thanks for his many generous acts.

The award is presented solely at Tagwi Secondary School’s graduation ceremonies in Avonmore.  This is done to honour the commitment Mike made to his local community and to recognize the valuable relationship he cultivated with the Tagwi family.

The recipient of the award is selected by the graduation committee, as an individual who seeks to assist others in need and who emulates Mike’s genuine sense of care and compassion for others, without personal reward or recognition.  The student must also be in pursuit of furthering his or her education at the college or university level, for which the bursary is to assist.

Pictured at left is Mark Begg presenting the award to Taylor Seguin.  Mark and his wife Diana (Delaney), represent the third generation of Delaney family members who have been involved in the school bus transportation business since 1948.