Delaney Bus Lines is pleased to announce that it was a successful proponent in the recent request for proposal issued by the Consortium de transport scolaire de l’Est (CTSE) servicing the French Public and French Catholic school boards.

“We are extremely honoured to have been selected as an operator in this new competitive procurement process.  It is a challenging time in our industry; however, I am excited to see that our company has demonstrated its capabilities to deliver safe, reliable and on-time performance and has been recognized in the award process,” said Mark Begg, General Manager with Delaney Bus Lines.

Delaney Bus Lines has been operating school bus transportation services since 1948 and currently operates 54 routes throughout the City of Cornwall, the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry as well as the United Counties of Prescott & Russell.  The new contract, which will commence in September 2013, will add approximately 40 units to Delaney’s current operation.

Operations Manager, Pierre Seguin said “We look forward to serving the Consortium de transport scolaire de l’Est and its member school boards on a larger scale and look forward to meeting the administration, teachers and students at the schools we will be serving in September.”

In the coming months, Delaney Bus Lines will be recruiting and training a significant number of school bus drivers to fulfill the requirements of this new contract.  For candidates interested in joining the Delaney team, they should visit to download an application form or contact our office at 613-346-2511.

Following the example set by the current team of bus operators, the company is confident that new team members will be well supported to provide the excellent level of service that Delaney Bus Lines endeavours to provide.