Avonmore, Ontario

Route 515
Cornwall - Ottawa

The Delaney Bus Lines commuter service is a reliable, relaxing and economical alternative commuting to Ottawa by car.

Monthly Passholders

  • Service is operated with a full-size highway coach.
  • Monthly Passes can be purchased by calling Delaney Bus Lines at 613-346-2511.
    • $310.00 per month from Cornwall and St.Andrew's
    • $285.00 per month from Monkland
    • $260.00 per month from Moose Creek
      *prices above do not include HST
  • Also available for an additional $8/month is an OC Transpo bus pass which will give commuters access to Ottawa’s vast transit network. For more OC Transpo information call them at 613-741-4390 or visit their website www.octranspo.com
  • Please also note, monthly pass holders are eligible for a 15.5% tax credit.
  • All monthly pass holders are required to make a one-time purchase of an OC Transpo photo ID card.  These can be purchased at one of OC Transpo’s sales and information centres.
  • All persons must be at least 16 years of age unless accompanied by an adult.
  • No suitcases – Each passenger may bring one carry on bag, such as a small backpack, or briefcase.



You could be riding in comfort and style for only $299 per month. No more traffic, no more fluctuating gas prices.... just get on the bus and go

Schedule 515

Schedule Effective September 1st, 2015: (Weekdays only; no service on holidays)
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AM Ottawa
Departure Time
Cornwall - Second / Glengarry 5:40
Second / Baldwin 5:42
Second / Sydney 5:45
Home Depot (Parking F)  5:51
Eamers Corners (across from Car Wash) 5:55
St. Andrew's West (south of traffic light) 5:58
Bonville 6:00
Monkland - Monckland Station Diner 6:08
Moose Creek (corner Hwy 138) 6:15
Arrival Time
St. Laurent Station 7:05
Hurdman Station 7:09
Mackenzie King Bridge 7:13
Albert / Metcalfe 7:16
Albert / Bank 7:17
Albert / Kent * 7:18
LeBreton **      7:20
PM Cornwall
Departure Time
LeBreton 2A (southeast corner at Preston)** 16:00
Slater / Kent * 16:06
Slater / Metcalfe 16:09
Mackenzie King Bridge 16:10
St. Laurent Station 16:15
Arrival Time
Moose Creek (corner Hwy 138) 17:05
Monkland - Monckland Station Diner 17:12
Bonville 17:20
St. Andrew's West (south of traffic light) 17:22
Cornwall - Eamers Corners 17:25
Home Depot (Parking F)       17:29
Second / Pitt 17:35
Second / Baldwin 17:36
Second / Glengarry (McDonald's) 17:39

*  transfer here for Place du Portage, Gatineau
** transfer here for Les Terrasses de la Chaudiere, Gatineau
Note: Times and stops may change due to demand and operational restrictions required by OC Transpo.  All schedules are subject to change without notice.