Avonmore, Ontario

The smart way to Commute
  • - Cheaper than Driving
  • - Relaxing and Comfortable
  • - Environmentally Friendly
  • - Many Convenient Stops
  • - Access to Transitway
  • - No More Dealing with Bad Weather
Now with three routes to the Capital

Quick News:

  • With 3 routes leaving from SD&G, we're a simple solution to avoid LRT gridlock

  • Alexandria/AJK/Maxville commuter service now on the road with Delaney

Delaney Bus Lines Commuter Services

The Delaney Bus Lines commuter services are a comfortable alternative to battling the roads every day. They're also a green way to commute. Just think of arriving to work, warm, relaxed and not having to worry about parking, fuel prices or running out of windshield washer fluid.

With access to the OC Transpo Transitway, we can also avoid the gridlock entering and leaving the city that you face using rideshare services, driving yourself or even carpool.


Why not try something new. Take Delaney and arrive relaxed.


Delaney Bus Lines is SD&G's commuter connection to Ottawa and area. Commuters can choose from one of our three commuter routes.



Route 515: Cornwall - Ottawa

Route 516: Finch/Berwick/Crysler - Ottawa

Route 517: Alexandria/AJK/Maxville - Ottawa

SD&G's Capital Connection

With services from Finch/Berwick/Crysler, Alexandria/Maxville and Cornwall, Delaney is SD&G's commuter connection to Ottawa

Single Ride - Routes 516 & 517 only

Single ride one-way tickets are now available only for routes 516 and 517 for individuals travelling to and from Ottawa.

Start riding today and discover what so many others have...

  • Cheaper than Driving

    Don't worry about parking, fuel prices or a new set of tires ever again.

  • Relaxing and Comfortable

    Deluxe highway coach with reclining seats, footrests and more.

  • Green

    A public transit user creates 65% fewer GHG emissions than an auto user for the same trip.

  • Convenient Stops

    Stops located in popular areas throughout Ottawa.

  • Access to Transitway

    For an $8/month our commuters can have access to OC Transpo.

  • No more Bad Weather

    No more worrying about construction or snow storms.